Let’s live, in Balance, together.

The Omega 6:3 imbalance impacts body and mind. From brain function to muscle health, oxidative stress to blood pressure, thriving requires more than just eating your omegas. Striking the adequate ratio is key to good health, where modern life can knock it off-kilter.

Good health from inside out.

Zinzino harnesses the power of active nutrients in our BalanceOil range, to fight inadequate Omega 6:3 levels in the body. But first, Zinzino scientists determine your fatty acid profile with the BalanceTest, to tailor your oil treatment.

Food is only part of the story. Zinzino’s supplements help you tap into areas of your body that need boosting, balancing or controlling… delivered in a way your body welcomes, and in just the right amounts. 

Life in balance, we provide best-in-class, cutting-edge and tailor-made products within the new science of pharmaconutrition.

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